Barts' inpatient waiting list - worst in England?

A post on NO2ID points out that Barts and The London has more patients waiting in excess of 30 weeks for inpatient treatment than any other trust listed in Department of Health statistics. The Government promises patients a maximum wait of 26 weeks.

The statistics are for the month of February 2009.  

Barts and The London and hundreds of its patients have ended up as victims of a politically-charged implementation of the Cerner-based Care Records Service a year ago.

This is what one Primary Care Trust – Newham – said of Barts and The London’s inpatient waiting times in a report to its board in March 2009:

“Inpatient Waits: No of patients waiting longer than the standard

“Actual performance: Cumulative 25 breaches as of Jan 2009. All these patients have been treated. Forecast Performance is RED.

“Reasons:  CRS [Care Records Service] implementation is uncovering previously unknown/reported breaches at BLT…

“Actions: There is a trust-wide project at BLT [Barts and The London NHS Trust] initiated to deal with CRS/Clinic cancellation issues…  in order to give further assurance the trust has commissioned external auditors to design a best practice patient access assurance framework which will regularly audit the monitoring and corrective processes. Fortnightly progress reviews (as a part of 18 week monitoring) with NHS London/ Tower Hamlets PCT/DH NUHT [Newham University Hospital Trust] …

“Forecast Annual Health check Performance: We have failed the target.”


Though it was never an intention, it appears that Whitehall officials have ended up testing the Care Records service system at Barts and The London on patients.


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