Are patients being bullied into joining Summary Care Records?

The Daily Mail suggests in an article published today that NHS Connecting for Health is using scare tactics to dissuade patients from opting out of having a Summary Care Record.

Says the article:

“Are patients being ‘bullied’ by the NHS into joining the Big Brother database?

“The NHS is scaring patients into signing up to its controversial database – by claiming that those who refuse run the risk of receiving the wrong test results or the wrong drugs.”

The article adds that dire warnings have been placed on the website ofNHS Connecting forHealth, which is in charge of the Summary Care Records scheme,  saying thatfailure to sign up could lead to lost records and prescribing errors.


In March I reported on this blog a warning by the NPfIT clinical director that opting out of summary carerecords could be more prejudicial to health than not having a smeartest.
In response to this, Dr Paul Cundy, a member of the BMA’sGP IT subcommittee, said at the time: “The suggestion that people mightdie if they don’t have a summary care record is highly alarmist andinappropriate.”


Thank you to GP Neil Bhatiafor drawing my attention to both these articles:

Thepatients ‘bullied’ into joining NHS database – Daily Mail

NPfITleaflet says national database could save your life – IT ProjectsBlog