Anonymous comment on NHS decision to withdraw speakers from Harrogate healthcare IT conference

Connecting for Health, which runs the NHS’s National Programme for IT [NPfIT] has suggested that it is withdrawing speakers from the HC2007 Healthcare IT conference because their time is limited and, if they can spare it to speak at conferences, it would be better spent talking directly to doctors and nurses.

Now an anonymous email to this blog makes the point that managers are important too; and without their analytic competencies and actions, the “smooth running and efficacy of the NHS would be at risk”.

This is the article on NHS Connecting for Health’s withdrawing speakers from the HC2007 conference – here

This is the anonymous email:

“Clinical professionals of all types will need to input and make decisions based on outputs from the new applications currently being implemented; but what of all the other areas of making the NHS an effective, efficient and efficacious entity?

“Managers of facilities (hospitals, health centres etc) need to be able to use extracts of the outputs of the systems for operational purposes, knowledge managers handle the related evidence base that also informs clinical and management decisions, strategic planners and public health intelligence people need to look at previous activity, calculate projected demands and monitor workflows and resource usage etc etc.

“Many of these people are not explicitly doctors and nurses but without their analytic competencies and actions the smooth running and efficacy of the NHS would be at risk.

“Surely they should not be ignored or put at a very low priority in creating awareness and motivation relating to what NHSCFH is doing? I recognise ignorance will be no defence against calls for performance reports and business management assessments, but NHSCFH failure to engage them must also have some potential for negative outcomes!!