A message from Bill Gates: thank you Mr Cameron

Thumbnail image for David Cameron Big Issue Front Cover.pngA message of thanks from Bill Gates*.

People often ask me what its like being the richest man in the world.

Let me tell you, I always say, It’s tough.

You have to spend a lot of time feeding starving children to stop people asking questions about how much money you have. And then you have to put up with dupes like Gordon Brown and David Cameron, our Microsoft sales representatives in Little Old England.

To be fair to Gordon, he turned into one of our best sales people. But Cameron got off to a really bad start. That imbecile made open source software an election promise. And now he can’t think of a way to make up for it.

Gordon already gave me a Knighthood and a protectorate for my software monopoly. That’s what Cameron said to me. He said, “But Bill, what do you give a man who’s already got everything you can give?”

I said he could patch up my PR. So he gave me this spread in The Big Issue, a magazine for bums.

It was genius. You see its not just about PR nowadays. It’s about information supremacy. That means you’ve gotta keep the bums happy.

Now that reminds me of something that happened recently when my motorcade got stuck in a road block. I hate it when that happens. You always get some schmo hassling you. This time it was some stinking squeegee. My security guards were a bit slow getting to him and he got his squeegee in my window before I had a chance to wind it up.

I was terrified. But he said something to me that got me to thinking.

He said, “Bill, we aint all that different you and me. I was born just like you. I worked sweat, blood and tears all my life. Hell, I made some mistakes. But I did some good things. And I gave it all I had, Bill, just like you. And now I’m gonna die, just like you’ll die too one day.

“And you know what?,” he said.

He said, “I aint got a pot to piss in.”

He said, “I aint even got me enough money to get a cab ride. Now why is that Bill? You should give me a ride in your car, Bill. It’s just as much my car as yours. I own a little bit of that car, Bill. You didn’t know that, did you, Bill?”

And then he hit me with this line. He said, “You didn’t know that I used to be a window cleaner, did you Bill? And I bet you didn’t know that I used to wash your windows, Bill. Up at your fancy mansion in Seattle? Did you know that, Bill? Did you know that I used to wash your freekin’ windows, Bill?

As my security guards were taking him down, he shouted: “I hope you enjoyed the view, man! I hope you enjoyed the view outta your freakin’ windows!”

I was shaken, as you can imagine. But it got me to thinking. I thought, for crying out loud – this moron doesn’t even know that Windows is a proper noun.

But it got me to thinking something else too. It got me to thinking that perhaps there was something I could do to make the world a better place.

You see, I do remember this bum cleaning my Windows. I remember taking in the view from my counting room across Lake Washington, as I often do. And I remember being interrupted by this stinking squeegee who was cleaning my Windows. And I remember thinking maybe I could make some automatic cleaning device so you didn’t have to pay some stinking squeegee who spoiled your view and probably thought it gave him some sort of rights or something just because he cleaned your freaking Windows.

But even if you get rid of the bums, you’ve still got to patronize them. And nobody does that better than David Cameron.

“We’ll give you hand up, not a hand out”, Cameron told the bum’s at The Big Issue. And that’s genius because it makes them feel guilty for being losers and takes the heat off us for hogging all the money. Because we can’t help being so clever that we get to keep all the money. And its not fair when stinking squeegee loser bums think they’ve got some right over it.

But as my good wife Melinda always says, just because some moron refuses to accept they’re inferior, you shouldn’t let them get you down. You’ve got to keep them in their place – but be nice about it. And she’s right. Because they don’t know how lucky they are that I’m not, like, one of those Nazi master race types.

I’m like one of those benevolent master race types. I won’t exterminate someone if they’re irritating me. I’ll give them a few dollars to get off my back.

Because as long as they’ve got a few more dollars today and the promise of a few more dollars tomorrow, they’re less likely to get jealous and start throwing stones at people like me, sitting on top of the tree.

That’s what happens when you’re Bill Gates. People get jealous. But I can’t help being great. Just like they can’t help being losers.

And that’s why I want to thank Cameron for doing a good PR job for me. Because he made me feel better about myself even while he made me feel better than everyone else.

Bill Big Issue 1.pngBill Big Issue 2.png

* As imagined by Mark Ballard

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