A "devastating" paper on hospital IT?

A contact describes a paper in the American Journal of Medicine as “devastating”. It was reported in Computer Weekly in December when I was away.

The paper was entitled “Hospital Computing and the Costs and Quality ofCare: A National Study”. It’s by David Himmelstein, Adam Wright andSteffie Woolhandler.

They work for the Department of Medicine,Cambridge Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, Mass or theClinical Informatics Research and Development, Partners HealthcareSystem, Boston, Mass.

Their conclusion: “Whatever theexplanation, as currently implemented, health information technologyhas a modest impact on process measures of quality, but no impact onadministrative efficiency or overall costs. Predictions of cost-savingsand efficiency improvements from the widespread adoption of computersare premature at best.”

Hospital Computing and the Costs and Quality of Care: A National Study – American Journal of Medicine