What is "Open Storage" anyway?

Open Storage company Nexenta Systems has formed a new technology partnership with Silicon Valley based Supermicro, makers of optimised server solutions based on the x86 architecture.

This news concentrates on fully redundant, fault-tolerant, “cluster-in-a-box” systems that provide hot-swappable functionality optimized for mission-critical, enterprise-level highly-available storage applications.

Got that?

Good, I thought perhaps not. So what is open storage anyway?

Sun’s open storage blog very succinctly defines open storage thusly: “As a general term, open storage refers to storage systems built with an open architecture using industry-standard hardware and open-source software.”

Nexenta’s unified open storage management platform then bucks the trend as most storage vendors do build their solutions on proprietary software. Additionally, if you place your belief in the open source mantra, these systems are argued to provide higher functionality and better performance-for-dollar than legacy storage technologies.

If you wish to learn more about open storage you can view a video from Nextenta themselves below who explain the NexentaStor approach to offering storage freedom quite enthusiastically.