What happens inside an API lifecycle?

When it comes to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), why manage one single API by single API every time you need to manage an API? Why not instead manage APIs with an API management console to control and manage APIs across the entire enterprise? This is the gambit behind OpenLegacy.

OpenLegacy has reached the 3.0 version of its eponymously named product, which is designed to allow administrators to manage the API lifecycle.

Inside the guts in the API lifecycle

... and then, god created API management consoles and all around was Line of Business focused empowerment for the new digital economy

… and then, the supreme being created API management consoles and all around was Line of Business focused empowerment for the new digital economy

APIs need to be changed, updated, augmented, enhanced and replaced for the following reasons:

  • analytics,
  • versioning,
  • caching,
  • security and,
  • operations to increase system efficiency.

“Enterprises can now approach legacy system extension and connection from a strategic level,” said Hans Otharsson, COO at OpenLegacy.

Otharsson insists that the new release provides enhanced enterprise solution capabilities for API management, security, deployment and performance.

“Instead of simply providing a solution for a specific technical problem – connecting back-end systems to new protocols, OpenLegacy now allows the ability to create complete business solutions out-of-the-box including everything needed to work within a customer’s digital economy,” he said.

The new features include a new Unified Management Console (great API usage statistics); additional security features; and enhanced deployment and performance features including one-click deployment as secure APIs, workload balancing, deep caching and scalable containers.

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