Vodafone 3D apps developer day, the Airplay SDK & pizza for lunch

Saturday April 16th sees Vodafone developer, Sony Ericsson and Ideaworks Labs join forces as the companies attempt to provide some insight into creating 3D applications for Android.

Vodafone specifies that the Eventbrite powered London-based 3D apps developer day event will feature developer workshops from all three partners involved.

The company also specifies that there will be pizza served for lunch, but no further information on toppings, stuffed crust options, infused oil drizzles or additional seasonings or herbs was available.

voda developer.png

Aside from the yummy lunch, Vodafone says it will be drilling down into the serious issues relating to a) developing and, crucially, b) monetizing apps in this space.

As such, one of the sessions is entitled: “Marketing your app / benefits of Vodafone Shop alongside Android Market.”

In terms of technical enablement on the road to 3D apps, Ideaworks Labs will showoff the Airplay SDK, which is a C/C++ SDK designed to enable the development of rich apps and games for Android, iOS and other smartphone platforms.

According to the event’s website, “Today, 3D is one of the most recurring buzzwords we keep hearing in the mobile domain, but what does it really mean? Erik Hellman (a software innovator at Sony Ericsson in Lund, Sweden) will show some new 3D concepts and also give a technical overview, which will be useful for third-party developers. As Erik will show, 3D on mobile devices is more than just adding depth to the user interface.”