Viewster's best-in-class anime binge-watching

Online streaming service Viewster has released a new mobile app for Android.

It works on iOS too — and it’s available now… and it’s free.

Unapologetic about its product positioning, the firm calls this a “best-in-class binge-watching experience” for users.

The app lets viewers scroll episodes of their favourite shows on tablets and smartphones.

Viewster is free and fully-licensed and enables fans to watch a library of more than ten thousand titles in film and TV, especially anime, fantasy, sci-fi and virtual worlds.

Viewster also has a catalogue of simulcasts where anime shows are available immediately after airing on Japanese TV.

The new mobile app includes:

· Vertical thumb-scrolling to find all episodes of hit simulcasts

· A new ‘follow’ function so viewers get notified when new episodes are available

· Instant push notification when a new episode becomes live

· Ad-free viewing for the first two minutes

Viewster recently hit five million overall app installs on Android since the first version.

Viewster’s new mobile product manager, Harry Fuecks, led the redesign.

Fuecks has experience in online product development–including building the mobile apps for, the Swiss telephone book.

Fuecks said, “Anime fans want the latest, high-quality content the moment it’s published. And they deserve a best-in-class user experience that we are dedicated to deliver. The data shows we are on the right track with our latest version, but this is just the beginning.”

Viewster is free, supported by advertising and available to stream on desktop, mobile and smart TV apps.