Twilio acquires Kurento, new sights for in-app video development

Twilio (pronounced TWILL-e-o) will now acquire the WebRTC media processing technologies built by the team behind the Kurento open source Project. Kurento is a web real time communications media server (and a set of client APIs) for the development of video applications for Internet based and smartphone platforms.

Essentially, this technology is focused on the development of advanced video in web and mobile applications.

What kind of technologies go into advanced video? Media server for ‘large group’ communications, transcoding, recording and advanced media processing — that’s what kind. All of which will be integrated into Twilio Programmable Video.

“These new capabilities will enable developers to address the more advanced needs of enterprise and large-scale consumer video applications as well as next-generation video applications such as those involved in augmented reality, computer vision, robotics, and the Internet of Things,” said the firm, in a press statement.

The firm claims that to date, the adoption of video communication has been largely limited to conferencing systems and face-to-face applications for consumers. This is because advanced uses of video that require real-time media processing have been out of reach for mobile and web developers.

While the popular WebRTC standard equips developers with client-side technology for adding video, the requisite media server infrastructure is expensive and requires specific technical expertise to implement. The addition of advanced WebRTC media server technology to the Twilio Video platform aims to change this by enabling API access to real-time media processing.

Developers plugging in here are promised to get the ability to analyse, transform, augment, and store audio and video streams to power video applications.

Luis Lopez, CEO and co-founder of the Kurento project argues that Twilio has one of the best sets of APIs and joining forces with their team enables the team to complete their vision and bring work to Twilio’s million plus registered developer accounts.

“Twilio and the team behind Kurento share a common vision of enabling developers through powerful platforms and straight-forward APIs,” said Jeff Lawson, Twilio CEO and co – founder. “As Twilio takes another step on our mission to fuel the future of communications by enabling developers, we’re excited to join forces with the builders of Kurento to extend the uses of our video platform.”

Tikal Technologies, S.L., who originally developed Kurento, will maintain the Kurento open source project, and be responsible for managing contributions from the Kurento community.

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