Toad in the (open source data toolset) hole

Systems management and security software company Quest Software has announced its Toad Edge product.

This is a commercial database toolset for software application development teams and database administrators (DBAs) to develop and manage open source database environments with the first release supporting MySQL.

IDC analyst Carl Olofson thinks that the open source database market is growing and in some cases it is outpacing the growth of traditional, non-open source environments.

There’s a hole for Toad

But, bemoans, Olofson, one limitation that many of these open source technologies have is the lack of a coherent toolset for development, management and in some cases migration of their databases.

“Organisations will need these tools to effectively and holistically develop and maintain their data systems and ensure a seamless migration process. A smart move would be to choose a commercially-available toolset that delivers the necessary end-to-end solutions to help support their investment in these new platforms,” said Olofson

Key toady features

Key features of the new Toad Edge toolset include the option to reduce the time and effort required to develop, manage and maintain open source database environments. There are also best in class scheme compare capability functions to allow users to identify and manage differences and initiate changes in real time with fully-customisable, dynamic schema compare.

“Over the last year, we’ve seen an increase in open-source databases for new application development as well as extensions to legacy applications – both deemed mission-critical,” said Greg Davoll, executive director of product management and marketing at Quest. “Toad Edge makes easier for developers and DBAs to ramp-up and transition to MySQL.

Advanced JSON editing makes it simpler to explore, edit and work with complex JSON data. DevOps Process Integration ensures the database development process can keep up with its vital role in overall business operations through support of DevOps tools like the Jenkins Continuous Integration server, thus reducing the time between database and application development and deployment.

There is also OS flexibility here, the product supports both Windows and Mac OS.

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