The fox is out of the box, a Firefox 4 screenshot selection

As readers of Computer Weekly’s Open Source Insider blog stream may well already know, the new version of Mozilla’s free and open source browser Firebox 4 has been designed to up the ante in its tabbing and syncing functionality.

Today sees the official launch of the product itself, with six times (claimed) faster performance than the last version. What Mozilla specifies as improved start-up and page load times — and speedy web app performance and hardware accelerated graphics.

But enough of all these words, you’ve heard most if not all of this before. What does this beast look like? Here’s a few screenshots.

The Awesome Bar.png

The (not cheesy at all) so-called “Awesome Bar”

Intsant Website ID.png

Instant Website ID


Support for WebGL – Web-based Graphics Library

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This is going to cause more problems than it solves.I use FF but I also recommend Chrome to people as a 2nd browser and THE main reason people are put off is the minimalist options look.While you and I know that ctrlC is copy, there are tons of people who still use file>print or edit>find and so forth.Putting all this info one step further away might not change the power users habits much but it will to other people.I hate this lemming mentality because now all the browsers (Opera too) are going for the same look.I deal with newbies quite a lot at Lugfests (and support another 15 or so in my family who have moved to Linux) and UI specialists live in their own little worlds.They think that sleek and thin is chic and therefore must be cool but the number on thing I get asked on any desktop is HOW CAN I MAKE THIS BIGGER?Now, its going to be more and more WHERE IS THE ^^^^^ NOW?I think browsers should be modular and configurable how YOU the user wants it because NO ONE knows better than the USER what THEY want. UI specialists will claim othervise but no one knows better than the user and the browser should be flexible enough to allow users to have waht they want.But that takes courage from developers. The courage to let the user be the one deciding.If the user doesnt like an option, the right thing is to make it easier for them to find a paradigm taht suits them, not tell them "Suck it,... WE decide for you."