The Apple Android amalgamation situation

I had a bit of an epiphany on Twitter this week. Some ne’er-do-weller blurted out that Android was “plateauing” – as if that should be some kind of bad thing.

Celebrated fellow tech journalist Mr Tim Anderson immediately commented: @ABridgwater it is OK to plateau if you are on a high level!


Good point Tim!

The onslaught of Android is generally seen as a good thing. Indeed, I blogged last night on the US programmer’s site Dr Dobbs that developers have, for the most part, warmly embraced the opportunity to program within an ecosystem that engenders rapid and creative code commits.

I went on to quote new research by market intelligence company ComScore, which suggests that one out of every three new phones sold in the US is an Android-based device.

The dilemma facing developers now is whether to focus their efforts on developing for Android or Apple OS X, or split their time between the two environments.

Edinburgh-based RunRev is trying to aim for both markets it appears.

The company’s LiveCode development platform has this week been augmented with an Android package. The company says that, “With its roots in Hypercard, the offering is an English-syntax development platform that is geared towards seasoned developers as well as those looking to tap into the lucrative apps market.”

RunRev claims that the development platform means that you only need to write once and deploy anywhere. This suggests that developers can create apps for Android and then port them to the iOS platform without recoding. RunRev also suggests development time can be dramatically shortened.

Forrester analyst Mike Gualtieri is attending RunRev’s event to deliver his “3 Mega Trends Facing Application Development” presentation — let’s hope he keeps focused on cross-platform software application development then eh?

But that’s another blog for another day…