Ten to the dozen: number of developers using open source

A Forrester Research survey of developers on the Dr Dobb’s software application news website has confirmed that they use open source tooling at some level.

The top five classes, types of disciplines of software that are seeing open source tools being used as follows:

1. operating systems,

2. web servers,

3. relational database management systems,

4. IDEs

5. software configuration management tools.

Over half of the 500 developers surveyed say that they are using Linux.

Over half of the developers confirm that they are employing the use of open source web servers, such as Apache Tomcat or NGINX.

Forrester analyst Jeffrey Hammond confirms that these open tools are even being used in so-called “risk averse” industries such as financial services.

Hammond also confirms that many programmers are using TomCat and Red Hat JBoss “as a mainstream part of their solutions” these days.

Why is this so?

Hammond thinks that the very nature of applications is changing and that we now have new “systems of engagement” on top of systems of record.

The analyst has also highlighted new categories of “application infrastructure” such as new frameworks for IaaS and PaaS as we look to integrate with offerings from the public cloud.

Changing times, interesting times.