TIBCO Project Mashling, ultralight event-driven microgateway

Software integration, analytics and management company TIBCO is loving, embraces and heart-ing open source this month with its newly available Project Mashling.

Branded as an open source event-driven microgateway, this news comes at the same time as a new release of open source Project Flogo, the firm’s efforts to bring embedded machine learning capabilities to edge computing.

The two projects are meant to work in unison to give developers a route to using event-driven microservices.

What is a microgateway?

As explained by IBM, a gateway is used to protect and control access to API services often related to security and controlling traffic — it is, essentially, a proxy device that works to secure and forward requests to backend APIs.

Project Flogo provides an open model for developers to run deep learning frameworks within a microservice flow, launched with support for Google’s TensorFlow and TIBCO Statistica. With Project Flogo deployed on edge devices, microservice flows can process data locally and predict imminent events to take action on, without the transfer of information to and from the cloud.

Project Mashling is an ultralight event-driven microgateway that accelerates the development of established event-driven microservices.

“The release of these projects underscores TIBCO’s commitment to the open source community and our desire to foster innovation in the microservice and edge computing ecosystem,” said Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi, vice president, product management, TIBCO. “We embrace an open core model, which allows customers to benefit from collaboration with the open source community, as well as accessing new innovations incorporated into our commercial offerings and TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud.”

The solution is designed to complement full lifecycle API management solutions, such as TIBCO Mashery. Project Mashling offers visual and integrated development environment tooling and reusable microgateway patterns developed by the Mashling community.

Cloud Messaging

In line with this news, TIBCO also announced TIBCO Cloud Messaging, along with Community Editions for TIBCO FTL, TIBCO eFTL and TIBCO ActiveSpaces. The firm is aiming to make enterprise-class in-memory data grid and high performance messaging tools more accessible to mainstream organisations, including midsize businesses.