SkySQL: build the service, then the customers, THEN the products

Helsinki-based open source database solutions company SkySQL has announced what it labels as the “first ever” graphical interface for deploying and managing a cluster of databases in the cloud.

NOTE: This is essentially a free-to-use product for deploying “highly available” MySQL databases on Amazon cloud. Highly Availability (or HA) is often denoted as a computer system or component that is continuously operational for at least 99.999 % of the time.

SkySQL Cloud Data Suite, beta release, uses a new configurator based on MariaDB (the community-developed branch of the MySQL database) to deploy 100 MySQL databases in the cloud.

SkySQL began life in 2010 as a services and support company for MySQL and MariaDB database users.

Service – Customer – then Product

Patrik Sallner, SkySQL CEO, said. “Few startups build a service business and customer base before developing their own products – exceptions include Red Hat and now SkySQL”

With SkySQL Cloud Data Suite, beta release, users can configure their clusters of MySQL nodes to be deployed in Amazon EC2 with four clicks, or they can use a more advanced configuration to take full control of the deployed systems.

Database administrators can use a graphical console to execute administrative tasks such as backup, restore, node isolation and re-configuration of the deployed nodes. The company insists that the “elasticity of the system” is guaranteed by special features available from the same console.