Self-service Business Intelligence "democratized" for all, with a Z

US tech vendors love a Z don’t they?

As organizations analyze their informationalized personalization projects using de-serialized data in newly virtualized environments with optimum memory utilization, there clearly is a need for some spelling tuition somewhere.

So it is then that we must make the ever so slightly tender journey to Business Intelligence “democratization”…

… or to be clearer – BI reports that all employees can benefit from rather than just upper management or people in specific financial or technical roles.


This is how Jaspersoft is positioning its Business Intelligence 4.7 tools which (resting upon an open source business model with zero-cost per-user licensing fees as it does) aims to make interactive “democratized” reporting affordable for even the largest scale reporting projects.

Put simply, Jaspersoft 4.7 takes a “self-service” approach to production reporting environments. The new release claims to be able to reduce report development costs through built-in interactivity, which enables personalization (ah, there they go again) of web-based reports.

The enhanced report functionality lets users move, hide, sort and filter their data without the help of a BI expert or the need to export to Microsoft Excel, says the company.

Jaspersoft is also aiming to create the industry’s first open source Mobile BI solution for iOS, while also offering a new native Android application and software development kit (SDK).

“Jaspersoft’s complete mobile solution allows developers to embed BI in their native mobile smartphone applications while also offering full-featured tablet-based, touch-screen BI through a mobile browser,” said the company, in a press statement.

Jaspersoft CEO Brian Gentile enjoys a bit of grandiose terminology and describes his company’s solution as nothing less than a “revolution” in affordable interactive reporting.

“Up until now, reports with a wide-scale distribution such as transaction reports or client statements have been largely static. Jaspersoft customers can now create competitive advantage by offering superior customer service through advanced reporting and analytics, whether they deliver via the web, mobile devices or embedded in their applications,” said Gentile

There’s a free download available or (after a quick registration page) a free online “cloud-based” evaluation option too.