SAP Vora now on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Red Hat has provided a presence (and a lot of free red Fedora giveaways) at SAP’s TechEd Europe 2017 conference in Barcelona this week.

The open source champions (Red Hat, not SAP) have announced the availability of SAP Vora on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

SAP Vora is a distributed computing solution for business that provides enriched interactive analytics across Hadoop and corporate data.

The end result is an integrated solution that pairs enterprise-grade Kubernetes with big data analytics.

What SAP brings to the yard

Running on Kubernetes clusters and Linux containers driven by OpenShift, SAP Vora provides containerized analytics engines and services and collects big data via Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, and directly from cloud environments to use for business intelligence.

SAP Vora provides interactive analytics on stored data from various sources, including traditional storage, Hadoop and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). It helps package analysis from disparate data types with a common interface, modeling tools and access to SAP HANA.

Red Hat brings a milkshake too

Red Hat OpenShift delivers a scalable platform upon which these capabilities can run, integrating containerized services and SAP Vora resources for a unified, flexible offering.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform unites developers and IT operations on a single platform to build, deploy, and manage applications consistently across hybrid- and multi-cloud infrastructures. Red Hat OpenShift helps businesses achieve greater value by delivering modern and traditional applications with shorter development cycles and lower operating costs. Red Hat OpenShift is built on open source innovation and industry standards, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Kubernetes, and is trusted by companies of all sizes around the world.

Key features of the integrated offering include:

  • On-demand in-memory big data analytics
  • Easier management of big data analytics at scale
  • Easier integration of SAP Vora with SAP HANA
  • Better support for agile development around big data use cases

Additionally, to help support the consistent creation of applications using components of SAP HANA and the SAP NetWeaver technology platforms, Red Hat is now making its newly-launched Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions available as part of the Red Hat Developer Program.