Refracta 8.0 is an 'average' Linux distro, that's what's great about it

With what amounts to literally hundreds of Linux distributions out there, Refracta version 8.0 and its suitability for the so-called “average user” might just be what makes it an above average contender.

Could Refracta be your next operating system of choice? As we know, a great OS needs to evidence that magical combination of utility, functionality, stability and robustness… and it also needs to have a decent user base.

Refracta is an offspring of Devuan Jesse GNU+Linux, which is a systemd-free fork of Debian.

Home computer users

Its makers say that it is an operating system designed for home computer users. It provides a simple and familiar layout that most users will find very comfortable.

“Refracta focuses on providing common applications and services that most users will need instead of trying to provide for more specialised uses. It provides a basic desktop with simple applications that are easy to use,” says the team.


The default install includes Internet focused software as well as graphics & multimedia plus an ‘Office’ type version of software along with various system tools and utilities. The default browser is Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release).

Hundreds more applications are available from a trusted source and can be easily installed.