Red Hat talks up virtualisation at VMworld Europe 2010, but so what?

Red Hat says it will be using its sojourn at Copenhagen’s VMworld Europe 2010 exhibition later this month to discuss the company’s Enterprise Virtualization portfolio and Red Hat Cloud Foundations solution set.

But we expected that, so what then?

Virtualisation “expert” (we don’t doubt it) and product marketing manager at Red Hat Geert Jansen will try to explain what the “end” portions of an end-to-end virtualisation portfolio really are. This, we suspect, will mean he talks about the technological span that extends from a hypervisor based on kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) technology as well as server and desktop management tools.

Expect to hear the usual suspect industry buzzwords here i.e. expanding scalability, performance, security and (if we’re lucky) migration tools.

Predictably, we can then expact Red Hat to start talking about customers (such as DreamWorks) and how they can use Enterprise Virtualization to handle their “mission-critical workloads” right?

What a shame it is that the term “mission-critical workloads” has become so hackneyed in technology circles when, after all, it is SO important.

Red Hat says that its Enterprise Virtualization offering leverages SELinux security technology developed in conjunction with the US Government and offers enterprises an optimised platform on which to base large-scale virtualization initiatives and internal/private cloud deployments.

Leaving snide remarks and sarcasm aside for a moment – in addition to the challenges of adopting virtualisation technologies in the enterprise, Red Hat’s Jansen will also discuss the latest developments in cloud computing, such as Red Hat Cloud Foundations, a major new offering designed to deliver comprehensive solutions for planning, building and managing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) private and public clouds.

Roll on Copenhagen then – and let’s hope we can all keep it real this year.