Red Hat Summit and JBoss World kicks off

The US city of Boston sees Enterprise Linux vendor Red Hat host its annual Red Hat Summit and JBoss World event this week from 22 to 25 June. No news has emerged from the event yet, so what is likely to be proffered forth to attendees and those of us watching from afar?

The best guess is that the event will headline with news centred on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation and the much-anticipated Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

The company’s virtualisation technologies span both servers and desktops. While server virtualisation is concerned with sharing storage and processing workload across servers, virtualised desktop technology allows IT departments to reduce the dependency between the desktop operating system and the underlying hardware.

The open source JBoss Application Server, which in itself exists as a brand and a division within Red Hat, is also likely to get special attention this year. The proximity of JBoss technology to cloud-based application delivery will surely serve as a platform for Red Hat to try to assert its position in this field.