Rackspace Python IP master fights patent trolls

Open cloud company Rackspace has appointed an open source industry guru to its VP of intellectual property position.

While the Computer Weekly Open Source Insider blog does not typically cover appointments, Van Lindberg (no missing first name) has been named by the American Bar Association Journal as one of “America’s Top 12 Techiest Attorneys” and is himself chairman of the board of the Python Software Foundation.

Lindberg is also author of a book on the open source licensing model entitled, “Intellectual Property and Open Source” which has been well received.

Lindberg is said to be a specialist in the analysis of multiple patent portfolios and IP advice. His expertise is thought to be useful to Rackspace given the firm’s focus on OpenStack and open cloud standards.

Rackspace General Counsel Alan Schoenbaum has commented that as the paths for open source and cloud computing now intersect — patent trolling continues to run rampant.

“Van’s experience in managing patents in open source models will be key to the continued success of the Rackspace open cloud,” he said.

“This is an important time for the development of open cloud technology, as a variety of open cloud ecosystems are beginning to take shape,” said Lindberg. “As the computing model continues to evolve, we look to help shape how the legal community responds to the new ways technology is offered and ensure Rackspace continues to set the pace of innovation within the open cloud revolution.”