Progress open developer community created

Progress has launched a new open community forum for programmers with the intention of enabling developers to access and share timely relevant technical and business content.

The Community will introduce an open source way of thinking (transparent and authentic) and allow Progress users, customers and partners to exchange questions and access relevant information instantly.

Sensibly named “The Community”, this resource is intended to be an online hub where developers, ISVs and business managers can collaborate as they create business applications with technologies including the firm’s own Progress Pacific Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

The firm asserts that as businesses of all sizes address what has it is denoting as “unprecedented market pressures” to develop applications quickly and at low cost, developers and other technical professionals seek online forums to quickly solve problems and share best practices as well as tips and tricks.

“This initiative is our promise to provide the Progress community with expert, and authentic content — building on the best of what we’ve seen in the highly successful open source environment,” said Progress CTO Karen Tegan Padir.

“We know that tools don’t build communities, people do and we believe this open platform for technical dialogue and problem solving will help members create better applications faster.”

Progress says that for those looking to develop an application quickly, The Community will house drag and drop short cuts as well as solutions posted by other users.