Progress goes opens on Windows UI library

Progress has open sourced its Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) native UI controls for building Windows apps. As well as expanding its donations to the .NET ecosystem and foundation, the firm is effectively here giving  20+ UI for Universal Windows Platform controls under an Apache license.

Grande fromage of developer tooling at Progress is Faris Sweis. Claiming that Progress Telerik UI for UWP can reduce coding time, he explains that the tool itself is meant to remove the repetitive, tactical elements of development to focus on solving business challenges. 

So now, .NET developers can access (and of course further contribute to) these more than 20 UI controls to create Windows apps that share a single codebase and run on a multitude of Microsoft devices.

These include some of the more popular business and enterprise-critical controls such as Grids, Charts, DataForm and ListView.

Principal program manager lead at Microsoft Tim Heuer is on the record saying that native UI controls for building Universal Windows apps are important to developers creating applications for use across devices.

Progress Telerik UI for UWP is part of Progress Telerik DevCraft—the most complete .NET toolbox for web, mobile and desktop development.