Postman offers free (small-project) API developer tools

Not exactly labelled as open source, but free nonetheless… API specialist Postman is offering its Postman 5.0 version with many of its paid Pro-version features now free for limited-quantity access. 

The free Postman 5.0 is available as a Mac, Windows and Linux native app, as well as a Chrome app.

The Postman free app has always included collaboration, testing and automation features, but with Postman 5.0, the application now includes key features of Postman Pro.

In particular, what is now free is are the following functions:

  1. API monitoring
  2. API documentation
  3. Mock servers
  4. The Postman API

Postman 5.0 users will now be able to access some of the most popular features of Postman Pro for free, in small-project quantities.

“Users will be able to access Postman’s private and public documentation feature (1000 views/month); run API monitoring calls (1000 calls/month); create & use mock servers (1000 server calls/month) and access Postman Collections via the Postman API (1000 API calls/month),” confirmed Abhinav Asthana, CEO and co-founder of Postman.

Postman Pro customers have more extensive support throughout their API workflow, starting with nearly unlimited access to documentation, mock servers and the Postman API.

“APIs have become today’s standard of B2B and B2C interchange. Players in the API economy are increasingly finding a need for management tools specifically designed to manage API-connected applications across each stage of the lifecycle,” said Julie Craig, Research Director for Enterprise Management Associates.

Craig explains that for example, both API providers and consumers need to monitor APIs for performance and availability but also need to test for accuracy, behaviour changes and impact on their entire workflow.

The Postman API development environment is used by more than 3 million developers and 30,000 companies worldwide.