Platfora's big data iceberg and other stories

Platfora has lots to say this week by golly.

Platfora who?

Okay yes, sorry, we haven’t spoken about this firm much yet — the company is a big data analytics specialist and its software works in tandem with the open-source software framework Apache Hadoop.

The technology proposition here is the firm’s ability to assist users with tasks associated with rapid data analysis, data visualisation and sharing.

After news this week of and its Wave technology, the company’s CEO Ben Werther just couldn’t hold on to an opinion that we need to help share.

Ouch! that smarts!

“ is playing catchup to last-generation of cloud business intelligence offerings rather than attempting a true big data analytics solution,” said Werther.

(Ed – don’t hold back Mr Werther, tell us what you really think yeah?)

“The data challenges of today are only solved with a native end-to-end big data analytics solution that lets business analysts directly ask the multi-structured questions that matter across exploding volumes of transactional, customer interaction and machine data and get answers in minutes and not months.”

Interesting stuff, at this time we do not have any information on whether Werther is prepared to go into hand-to-hand combat with Marc Benioff.

Putting the petabyte on a pedestal

Platfora says that this week, with the launch of its version 4.0 product, it will be the first technology company enable business users (and data scientists) to visually interact with

petabyte-scale data in seconds.

Pardon? Petabyte-scale data in seconds?

Ah yes, well what the company is saying is that as the #1 native big data analytics platform for Hadoop (its tagline, not ours) that it provides advanced visualisations, geo-analytics capabilities and collaboration features that empower cross-functional teams to work iteratively with data at scale.

Werther’s got more opinions, hang on…

“While it seems obvious that an organisation should be able to work with all of their data, the current reality is, most are only capable of analysing just the tip of their data iceberg and can’t work the newer and more valuable forms of big data,” said Werther.

Queue image infographic of BIG DATA ICEBERG.

1 Platfora .JPG

“Organizations are losing competitive advantage and exposing themselves to undue risk because their last-generation BI tools can’t handle the growing volumes and varieties of machine, transactional and customer interaction data.”

Platfora says that its big data analytics platform is the only end-to-end product with a native-Hadoop infrastructure — and this enables analysts, business professionals and data scientists to access and drill down into the rawest forms of petabyte-scale data without the need for IT support.

While most analytics vendors say they work with any variety or volume of data, recent industry research found that 52% of analytics users trying to work with big data must break it down into smaller parts to analyze it*, causing additional data preparation and modeling tasks that slow down time to insight.

To make big data analytics more accessible beyond the most technical professionals, Platfora Vizboards provide an interactive, visual analytics experience that all roles in the organisation can use to explore and collaborate on analyses.

Platfora Big Data Analytics 4.0 includes enhancements to the visual analysis capabilities and processing engine, including:

• Interactivity at Big Data Scale – Platfora extends its ability to analyze the biggest of big data sets, with performance when analyzing entities with billions of unique values (e.g. customers, devices, endpoints).

• Advanced Visualizations – Platfora builds upon its library of data visualizations such as polar charts, trellises, packed bubbles, word clouds and gauges so that users can achieve new views and insights in seconds.

• Geo Analytics – Users can now visualize geographical data using interactive maps. Platfora Big Data Analytics 4.0 can display multiple attributes of data on the same map and zoom in or drill down to provide deeper views, making it easy to find relationships and insights–all with the speed and power of in-memory data processing.

• Insight Delivery – Users can capture and share visual representations of analyses with internal stakeholders with PDF email scheduling, without ever having to leave the Platfora environment.