Oracle still sharing the love for

Keen to try and demonstrate some continued commitment to the community, Oracle has this week packed its toothbrush and travel bag for ODF Plugfest developer conference due to held in Brussels today and tomorrow.

On what is the fifth anniversary of the Open Document Format (ODF) becoming an International Standard, Oracle says that it applauds the community and the OASIS application development methodology for its efforts.


The ODF Plugfest Logo

Despite the recent launch of, Oracle insists that its team of developers, QA engineers and user experience personnel will continue developing, improving and supporting building on the 7.5 million lines of code already contributed to the community.

Attempting to put its money where its mouth is, the company claims that it is investing “significant” resources in developing, testing, optimising and supporting not only’s recent community contributions, which have included localisation support, quality assurance, porting, documentation and user experience — but also other open source technologies such as MySQL, GlassFish, Linux, PHP, Apache, Eclipse, Berkeley DB, NetBeans, VirtualBox, Xen, and InnoDB.