OpenStack cloud pulls plug on Microsoft Hyper-V

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts to “engineer compatibility” between its Hyper-V virtualisation software and the OpenStack open source cloud project since October 2010, it appears that may have run out for the Redmond software giant.

Just last week Microsoft issued the following statement, “Microsoft is committed to working with the community to resolve the current issues with Hyper-V and OpenStack.”

However, the OpenStack change log this morning reads with the following statement:

“Hyper-V has been unmaintained for several releases now. The unit tests are superficial, we have no way to test it, noone has stepped forward to maintain it, and for a very long time, we’ve not had any reports that it works. Furthermore, many improvements have been made across other hypervisor drivers that have not been done in the Hyper-V driver, so even if it worked, it would only expose a subset of the functionality that the other drivers do.”

Had Microsoft’s Hyper-V been able to progress towards the OpenStack open source cloud computing platform for public and private clouds things would have been different.

The software would have allowed cloud focused software engineers to create cloud instances that “leverage” the Hyper-V hypervisor virtualisation platform and software management tools for ongoing control of the cloud applications in question.

Reports suggest that the Hyper-V code will be removed for the “Essex” release of OpenStack scheduled sometime this summer 2012.

The Only Way Is Essex? Not from Redmond it seems…