OpenLogic's top 10 open source projects & video viral

OpenLogic’s work in enterprise open source software support, scanning and governance solutions has allowed the company to record sales growth in 2010. The company says that economic recovery is accelerating enterprise investment in high-quality, low-cost open source software, which is in turn driving higher demand for new source code scanning tools.

“The successful launch of our Source Code Scanning and License Compliance solutions in early 2010 drove a record year for sales growth,” said Steve Grandchamp, CEO of OpenLogic. “Customers are hungry for scanning solutions that get accurate results quickly without having to manually comb through thousands of ‘false-positive’ results. Large enterprises, from software providers to mobile handset manufacturers to large banks to healthcare companies, are now relying on OpenLogic to scan their software and ensure compliance with open source licenses.”

Examples of scanning products…

The OSS Deep Discovery scanning tool scans source code and binaries in order to identify open source code, even in cases where the code has been copied or modified.

The OLEX License Compliance Module simplifies the compliance process by helping enterprises to identify and report on open source code and includes a consolidated list of license obligations based on the code analysed.

The company insists that its position as a scanning specialist means that it is able to observe trends in the popularity of the use of open-source projects in the enterprise. This information goes beyond simple download statistics to include information about adoption and support. In 2010, OpenLogic customers most frequently purchased support for the following projects:

o JBoss Application Server

o Tomcat

o Apache HTTP Server

o Hibernate Core

o Spring Framework

o Struts

o MySQL Community Server

o Subversion

o Ant

o Log4j

In total, OpenLogic claims to provide consolidated support across 500+ certified open source packages. You can watch the company’s “fun” video viral below.