Open source HTML5 secure file sync for Android

File sync specialist SpiderOak has bolstered the Google Play Android app market with an open source secure sync tool.

SpiderOak is emphasising the secure (no, really, really secure we really mean it) aspect of its technology by detailing the fact that at no point does the company ever store users’ passwords or encryption keys.

NOTE: This level of security provisioning does mean that a lost password means a lost account.

A new development within this tool is the SpiderOak Hive function — this serves to add a folder to a machine’s own file manager in order to allow a user to simply drag and drop to perform the synch functions they need to carry out.

With Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive and others now all vying for share of voice in this space, SpiderOak is aiming to win over perhaps the more technical users out there not only by its strength, robustness and functionality but also by offering its source code on the GitHub repository.

So to the HTML5 factor…

“SpiderOak is working on reimplementing its client applications for mobile devices as a central, platform-independent HTML5 / Javascript / CSS core with native extensions to fill in the functionality gaps. This is intended to replace the current, platform-specific native applications. We see many potential benefits to the HTML5 approach, among them being implementation in a widely used, comprehensible (if we’re careful) medium that can be very useful to others,” said the company, on it’s GitHub overview pages.

How open source works here

The SpiderOak team goes on to say that there are many ways that access to its code can be useful.

“It can serve as guidance to people as examples for using our APIs. It can serve as a basis for implementing idiosyncratic functionality that they need. It can provide the opportunity to contribute to and help grow this useful tool, itself. These and other reasons are why we make the code openly available, and the development process reasonably transparent,” says the team.

For developers, SpiderOak is compatible with Android 2.3 and higher.

The company is said to be working on application ports for BlackBerry and Windows Phone as well.

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