ObjectRocket by Rackspace: this one's dedicated to you, MongoDB

This week sees MongoDB World 2015 (#mongodbworld ) held in New York.

In case you need reminding, MongoDB is an open source NoSQL cross-platform document-oriented database company favouring dynamic schemas.

Also in attendance and only second to Teradata in its sponsorship of this event is Rackspace.

In case you need reminding, Rackspace is a managed cloud provider with an arguably good pedigree in open source technologies (it was a founder of the OpenStack cloud operating system) — the firm has differentiated its market positioning and technology proposition to hinge around its cloud service excellence.

So what happened in New York?

Rackspace announced a dedicated option of ObjectRocket for MongoDB databases.

In case you need reminding, ObjectRocket is a MongoDB database as a service (DBaaS) provider that was acquired by Rackspace in 2013 – with ObjectRocket’s open source-based MongoDB solution, Rackspace has broadened its OpenStack-based open cloud platform to offer users a NoSQL DBaaS.


The proposition here is a solution that combines the speed and scalability of the ObjectRocket purpose-built platform with fully dedicated hardware and networking for compliance-dependent use cases.

Who cares?

Actually users would probably care about this i.e. this combo could help data-centric development shops with the performance, security and compliance requirements of high-risk industries such as healthcare, financial services and insurance.

I still don’t get why this is special?

The justification here is supposed to hinge around technology that is built on a custom-designed dedicated architecture, that’s part of it.

The other part of it is that ObjectRocket for MongoDB can potentially power more demanding database workloads by providing full utilisation of resources for host machines.

Isolation, in a nice way

There’s a bit more in fact, it also provides a level of isolation that data-driven developers will want.

Co-founder of ObjectRocket Chris Lalonde insists that ‘dedicated ObjectRocket’ here lets applications scale to millions of MongoDB operations per second while providing higher levels of security.


Because it gives users a fully managed, dedicated rack of MongoDB.

“This offering brings together all the features customers have come to expect from ObjectRocket such as a fully isolated environment, encryption at rest and dedicated networking components. On top of all of that, we have a team of experts for MongoDB staffed 24×7, so customers can focus on building their business,” said Lalonde.

Features of ObjectRocket for MongoDB now include a suite of developer & automation tools to speed up time-to-market and helps reduce downtime with both backend (automated deploying) and customer facing tools, making it easier to operate.

There’s also data portability – it uses the universality of open source, community edition, MongoDB so customer data is portable.

Application portability

This technology runs applications anywhere, including in Rackspace or AWS data centers via AWS Direct Connect with integrated Access Control List (ACL) sync.

Rackspace says it is committed to supporting fully managed versions of the most popular NoSQL, big data and relational databases including MongoDB, Redis, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Percona, and Maria DB.