Microsoft plays more open games

The all-new “we love Linux” Microsoft company has continued its sluggish crusade into openness by talking up plans to open source Project Orleans.


Project Orleans has been used by software application development pros to build the type of essentially distributed (but highly connected) cloud-based services (on the Microsoft Azure cloud) that are used by online players in the Halo 4 game.

The glitterati fraternity

Key international programming glitterati were invited by Microsoft to its Build 2014 conference to learn more of the minutiae behind this project itself, when it was first announced.

Sources suggest that some were even given a new Xbox.

For those still watching from afar, the pages note that the team has been working hard to fix issues with the code base.

Brought to you by the fine folks at the eXtreme Computing Group inside Microsoft Research (using the .NET platform as its foundation),Project Orleans claims to provide a “straightforward approach” to building distributed high-scale computing applications, without the need to learn and apply complex concurrency or other scaling patterns.

Open source: it had to happen

The Orleans team notes that the open sourcing move was “the next logical step” and the thing that many programmers had asked for.

The team blog reads, “The preparation work has already commenced, and we expect to be ready in early 2015. The code will be released by Microsoft Research under an MIT license and published on GitHub. We hope this will enable direct contribution by the community to the project. We thought we would share the decision to open-source “Orleans” ahead of the actual availability of the code, so that you can plan accordingly.”