Massive Git: Perforce Helix4Git is Git at scale

Longtime open source advocate Perforce has updated its version control software. The new Helix4Git is designed to accelerate build processes in large-scale Git environments.

How do build processes run faster?

Perforce says that Helix4Git has continuous build, integrate and test processes along with mirroring functionality.

This, in effect, creates what the firm calls ‘a single source of truth’ across multiple Git repositories.

 Perforce chief product officer Tim Russell explains that other updates also include the arrival of Helix Core 2017.1 as Perforce’s version control solution — and also Helix Swarm 2017.1, a large-scale collaboration and code review tool tightly integrated with Helix Core.

Large binary objects

“Helix Core has always been the preferred solution for large scale development environments due to its performance and scale supporting all digital assets, including large binary objects often found in visually-centric products. With version 2017.1 Helix Core has improved file transfer speeds up to sixteen times to improve collaboration in geographically distributed teams,” said Perforce’s Russell.

In addition, Helix Swarm 2017.1 includes new features to improve user efficiency with better management of notifications, reviews and changelist clutter.


Swarm lets users remove unnecessary notifications from reviews while automating task activity prompts within the Action Items dashboard. Users can also automate changelist clean up, including shelved file removals, once a change has been committed.

A Perforce changelist is a list of files, their revision numbers and operations to be performed on these files.