MariaDB: you want transactional AND massively parallelised analytic workloads?

Open source database player MariaDB Corporation has is about to release its big data analytics engine, MariaDB ColumnStore.

CAUTION: Note to comms team, this does NOT mean you can announce the product in a go to market state, one bite per release please.

Transactional and massively parallelised

The product release is marked out by its features aligned to enable transactional and massively parallelised analytic workloads under the same roof.

The firm says it has made this unification possible because of MariaDB’s extensible architecture that allows simultaneous use of purpose built storage engines for performance.

A spectrum of use cases

MariaDB ColumnStore is a columnar storage engine for massively parallel distributed query execution and data loading — it supports a spectrum of use cases including real-time, batch, and algorithmic.

The technology performs complex aggregation, joins and windowing functions at the data storage level to increase performance.

MariaDB ColumnStore is Open Source GPL2, a fork based on InfiniDB and open source community contributions.