Loves spreads, new Microsoft SQL Server now previewed on Ubuntu

It’s a good week for open source, Google has joined the .NET steering group inside the independent .NET Foundation and Microsoft has joined the Linux Foundation as a Platinum member. The list of open announcements this week emanating from Microsoft is so expansive that we will break it out into a number of individual stories — and the Computer Weekly Open Source Inside blog has already detailed how Microsoft is driving open Artificial Intelligence and upping open Azure cloud layers.

Microsoft has also just announced its public preview of the next release of SQL Server and so Canonical has also now come forward and announced that this preview is available for Ubuntu.

SQL Server on Ubuntu

What we have here in SQL Server on Ubuntu providing choice for developers on premises or in the cloud. SQL Server enables choice of development languages and data types delivering one of the most innovative and flexible platforms to the market.

According to Canonical, “With the next version of SQL Server, Microsoft brings the power of SQL Server on Linux and Windows including support for Docker containers. Moreover, with SQL Server on Ubuntu, there are significant cost savings, performance improvements, and the ability to scale & deploy additional storage and compute resources easier without adding more hardware.”

There are operational improvement here… in the cloud, resources are optimised to manage database workloads as needed. By using process containers like Docker, and service modeling solutions like Canonical’s Juju, organisations can improve the performance of their workloads and improve the speed and efficiency of how data-centric solutions are deployed.


The promise of the next version of SQL Server is it allows DBAs to build Microsoft Azure-based databases without having to add more hardware.

By including support for Linux containers, like Docker process or Canonical’s LXD machine containers, organisations are said to be able to can benefit beyond traditional efficiencies. The combination of Canonical & SQL Server brings a consistent Linux cloud experience from: Ubuntu, SQL Server, Containers, and the Azure cloud platform.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced SQL Server on Linux and so Canonical continues its journey with Microsoft to bring the best of Linux to its platforms… according to Dustin Kirkland, Canonical’s technical lead for Microsoft, Ubuntu development.