Linuxcon 2011: Linus Torvalds, hockey & maple syrup, in that order

Linuxcon 2011 is hosted in the Canadian city of Vancouver next week starting on August 17 through to the 19th of the month.

After attendees have rolled into town, feasted on Maple Syrup and Moosehead beer while watching hockey and listening to Celine Dion (because that’s what you do in Canada right?) – they can settle down to the real content.


The real content indeed — which this year will include the following:

* Linus Torvalds in a QA with Greg Kroah-Hartman about the kernel and 20 years of Linux.

* Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst will detail the biggest challenges we still face and what the next 20 years looks like.

* Linux Foundation guru Jim Zemlin will be unveiling a new keynote presentation that takes a look at what a world without Linux would look like as we approach 20 years.

* Chairman Emeritus at the IBM Academy of Technology, Dr. Irving Wladawsky-Berger will present “Linux – A Short Retrospective and an Opinion on the Future”

So enough bullet points, obviously there is plenty more to see. Just visit the event website and look at the schedule. Suffice it to say that I wish I was there.

NB: you do all know that we were kidding about listening to Celine Dion right?