Linux on mainframe, alive, kicking and doing rather well

CA Technologies has responded to what the company says is a growing market for Linux-based mainframe applications with the release of a new mainframe Linux management portfolio named CA VM: Manager Suite.

Naysayers who belittle the importance of mainframe technologies in 2011 should perhaps remember that since the start of the decade, IBM, Unisys, BMC, Centrify and CA itself have all made significant augmentations to their mainframe technology propositions.

CA has highlighted the opportunity that Linux brings to deliver lower cost IT infrastructures during these lean times. As part of this, ancillary/complementary mainframe technologies such as workload automation form a key part of this technology’s advantage.

The company’s new product announcement aims to optimise management of Linux apps and resources in mainframe and hybrid computing environments.

“Linux on System z and the z/VM virtualization technology comprise a growing percentage of the MIPS being shipped because they help IT do more with less, and extend the business value of mainframe technology across the enterprise,” said Dayton Semerjian, general manager of mainframe at CA Technologies.

The new release of the CA VM: Manager suite includes enhancements intended to control costs, improve performance, increase developer productivity and secure z/VM systems that support Linux on System z.