LibreOffice enjoys sweet honeymoon downloads

The Document Foundation, the organisation behind the newly launched LibreOffice productivity suite has shared its first download numbers this morning by saying that downloads have already exceeded 80,000.

The organisation says that developers have already started to contribute to the code, suggesting features, committing patches and filing bugs.

“In just one week, around 80 code contributions (patches and direct commits) have been accepted in LibreOffice from a total of 27 volunteers,” according to the organisation’s website.

Other figures show that 2,000 people have subscribed to the email list to keep up with the latest news — and 300 people have joined the group’s discussion list where there has been an average of 100 messages per day.

There are also 1,000 fans on the The Document Foundation’s Facebook page and around 650 followers (at the time of writing) of the Tweet stream, which can be found here.

The Foundation understands that Oracle has no immediate plans to support the Foundation, or to transfer community assets such as the trademark.

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