Lady Gaga meets her match with Oracle's Lady Java

You may well be a big fan of Lady Gaga. You may well be a keen proponent of the Java programming language. But could you possibly be a p-p-poker faced Java coder who is also just crazy about Lady Gaga?

So far you’ve not been able to combine your love of Java and Lady Gaga at the same time right? Well, the wait is over as now we have Oracle’s Lady Java to enjoy.

She looks good, she sounds good and boy does she enjoy a bit of enterprise-level Java based software solution deployment. She is a bit rude about Bill Gates though. The video below is presented for your enjoyment from the JavaZoneNo channel. Be sure you watch it and just check out her middleware.

This link to the JavaZoneNo channel should enable you to further share the video if you wish.

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The first line says it all. "I want to program likes the guys at Oracle", not too sure I'd want to be saying that too loud. Also the fact they have an overlarge MacPlus in the background questions how current they really are and why isn't it a Sun machine, perhaps even with a big Sun logo on it, so that people know what it is. Never really thought of java guys as coffee swilling automatons, insight from parody. Superb.