Intellectual property and open source without the legalese

Any software programmer or IT specialist who has tried to get their head around the legalese that proliferates throughout the books and white papers available on Intellectual property (IP), will know that it’s a headache from chapter one onwards.


For those left gasping for plain English and a less tortuous approach, a new book from O’Reilly Media entitled Intellectual Property and Open Source could provide sustenance.

Written by an Intellectual Property lawyer who has also served time as a computer programmer, this volume claims to present practical advice about situations you may encounter when working on open source projects and pursuing entrepreneurial new business ideas.

This book attempts to provide answers to questions such as how should you handle copyright, licensing and other issues when accepting a software code patches from another developer? It also examines how you can best pursue your own ideas while working for someone else and how can you ‘reverse engineer‘ a product without getting into legal hot water.