Insert: what is ‘real-time’ personalisation?

The tech term question of the day is… what is real-time personalisation?

We know that real-time is physically impossible i.e. time itself is always faster… but some processing can happen at a speed which is ‘sufficiently immediate’ or that enables the computer to keep up with some external process.

We also know what personalisation is; obviously… that part’s not hard.

So real-time personalisation is term being popularised by Tel Aviv headquartered Insert, a software firm known for its in-app marketing platform. The technology offers a set of pre-built features – “inserts” – which can be launched into any live app very quickly with no coding. These features include videos, banners, messages, surveys etc.

This functionality allows (so argues Insert) the software application developers and app owners to engage, convert and retain their customers.

… and the news?

Right sorry, there is indeed news too… the firm has announced that its software is now accessible to apps built with Xamarin.

“Users of the Xamarin solution, which uses existing skills, teams and code to deliver native Android and iOS apps, can begin to use Insert’s technology to rapidly deploy in-app campaigns, with no coding required,” said the firm, in a press statement.

How to use Insert

Users of Xamarin-built apps would typically use Insert to onboard new users, retarget abandoned transactions, drive higher registration and increase conversions. They can do this using personalised messaging, relating to the user’s past and real-time interactions in the app and triggered at the ideal moment.  

“This update further extends the ability of Xamarin-built app owners to engage with their customers in real time,” said Insert’s founder and CEO Shahar Kaminitz. “Based on conversations we have held with many of Xamarin’s enterprise customers, we have discovered that they are facing a number of user engagement challenges, such as onboarding, unused features and driving upsell and upgrades.”

With Insert, Xamarin app owners and marketers have been promised the ability to engage users with personalised in-app messaging that reaches their audience in the contextual moment.

Although Insert works with Xamarin, the technology itself is not fully open source per se at the time of writing.