Ingres VectorWise To Be Open Sourced

Open source database management company Ingres has made much of the performance gains it claims it can now deliver with over existing database and analytic servers with the latest release of its VectorWise technology.

News of this accelerated database technology working at increased speeds reaching 70 times faster than previously may have overshadowed the fact that the company also plans to fully open source the product by the end of 2010.

Already available for download here, Ingres VectorWise for Linux has completed its beta programme successfully and is now starting to land in customers’ hands.

But up until now the central nucleus of the technology itself has been closed source thus it not been open to the software application development community as a whole for exploration, examination and potential augmentation.

The company states that, “The release of Ingres VectorWise is one of the most significant database technology innovations in the last 20 years, and meets broad business demands to analyze exploding volumes of data. It uses a unique new design to unlock the vastly superior capabilities of modern commodity hardware.”