IBM pumps extra DBaaS juice into Bluemix

IBM buys other companies, it’s just the way things are.


This month we see the firm scoop up a private outfit known as ‘Compose’ — a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) company.

What is DBaaS?

DBaaS provides a flexible (cloud scalable) database platform orientated toward self-service and management, particularly in terms of provisioning a business’ own environment.

DBaaS products typically provide enough monitoring capabilities to track performance and usage and to alert users to potential issues — the products can also generate at least some degree of data analytics.

IBM has said that the purchase of Compose goes in line with its plans to commit to:

• developer needs

• open source

• cloud services

• above all… managed production-ready on-demand database technologies

NOTE: IBM predicts the cloud database space be worth $14 billion by 2019.

The firm itself (Compose, not IBM) specialises in auto-scaling technologies for database and data services operations — it supports five open source databases:

• Redis,

• MongoDB,

• PostgreSQL

• Elasticsearch

• RethinkDB.

“Compose’s breadth of database offerings will expand IBM’s Bluemix platform for the many app developers seeking production-ready databases built on open source,” said Derek Schoettle, general manager of IBM Cloud Data Services.

“Compose furthers IBM’s commitment to ensuring developers have access to the right tools for the job by offering the broadest set of DBaaS service and the flexibility of hybrid cloud deployment.”

Image credit: weloveblue