Hootsuite toots & gets cute on new developer loot

Social media management firm Hootsuite has hooted and tooted this month about its eponymously named Hootsuite Integration Fund.

Lots of loot

The fund is a US$5 million initiative established to to support software application development professionals (and rookies) who are specifically targeting what has been called ‘enterprise-strength integrations with and for’ the Hootsuite platform.

The new fund comes at the same time as a new partner portal.

Did someone say digital transformation, again?

Hootsuite’s adoption is due in large part to the contributions of developers to its ecosystem claims  Matt Switzer, senior vice president of strategy and corporate development at Hootsuite.

“We’re investing in this integration fund to encourage [developers] to continue to develop applications that enable our customers to connect social to marketing, analytics and other business solutions they rely on every day,” said Switzer.

Enormously engorged ecosystem

Hootsuite claims to offer the, “Largest ecosystem of any social media management platform.”

This ecosystem is made up of hundreds of applications in the App Directory and more than 2.5 million app installs.

Developers can learn more about the Integration Fund and apply through the developer application process available at www.hootsuite.com/developers/fund.

The small print

The decision for the use of funds towards a particular integration will be based on customer needs and alignment with the Hootsuite platform strategy.

Funded applications will also receive go-to-market support and opportunities to participate in co-marketing initiatives.

In addition to the Integration Fund, Hootsuite has launched a new and expansive developer portal to provide full access to Hootsuite’s SDKs and APIs, a developer blog and technical support.