HP snaps up fast-booting Linux OS specialist Phoenix

The unprecedented popularity of scaled down ultra-portable netbook computers from manufacturers including Asus, Dell and HP has in turn fuelled interest in fast booting operating systems (OS) capable of starting up in a matter of seconds.

Hewlett-Packard last week opted to spend US$12 million acquiring Phoenix Technologies to bring its HyperSpace OS into the HP stable for distribution on netbooks and laptops down its product line.

HyperSpace although a ‘watered down’ version of the Linux OS, will allow users to get simple uncomplicated access to their machines to check email, view images and surf the web.

After acquiring Palm in April of this year, HP’s move to further improve its mobile device technology may be seen as a means to react to the rising popularity of tablet devices, which generally boot up extremely quickly.

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I've been using MeeGo, a parred down Linix distribution, on a Lenova S10e and it's booting in about 30 secs and shuts down in 15.
That's good Cliff - thanks for that.I could talk about this whole "pared down" topic all day.I myself am using Linpus Linus Lite on an Acer Aspire One netbook and although yes it does boot up and down in well under a minute - it's just too pared down for me and I have heard it described as "flaky".When I have the time I think I'm going to shred the whole thing to pieces and get Ubuntu onto the little thing.AdrianB
As battery life is extended, the importance of fast boots and shutdowns becomes less important as there is no need to start up or shutdown. My boot up is fast and shutdown is fast. The new Ubuntu (10.10) will be even faster on boot and shutdowns.I use Ubuntu Remix 10.04, modified with two gnome-panels one on the left as a fast launcher, and the other on top with menu and other common stuff.My third netbook is an ASUA 1201HA (12.1 inch) that has an Intel GMA500 graphics chip that is not generally well supported by Linux though it is miserly when it comes to power requirements. However there is a functional patch that brings it to its intended resolution of 1366 x 768 - it gets about 7 hours battery life, and costs $289 at BestBuy last time I checked. I added 2 GB RAM which makes it snappy, more RAM is more important that a faster processor as far as I can see.To power down, close the lid and suspend. Open and you are back up. I only boot up and down once a day, once in the morning and once at night.
Hey Sanjaya,Thanks for your comment.I think, "As battery life is extended, the importance of fast boots and shutdowns becomes less important as there is no need to start up or shutdown"--- should be LESS need to shutdown, rather than NO need.I am thinking of going to Ubuntu on my netbook myself. I am slightly unsure of what kind of system wipe I might need to do first or whether I can just blast out the Linpus Linux with Ubuntu - but thanks for the comment anyway.Adrian
Very nice of you Dan,I've looked at your blog and I see that you are based in the UAE, so I wonder if you might be a programmer.Anyway - we do appreciate technical comments, so if you have a bigger opinion to share with us then please do.Adrian