Google launches open source project 'umbrella' website

Google has produced a new ‘umbrella’ website to coalesce all the search and data giant’s open source projects under one virtual roof.

The logically named will serve as a showcase, an information hub and a directory of sorts — rather than it existing as source code repository in its own right.

The source code for all of Google’s open wonderment will still live out its life on GitHub and the firm’s own self-hosted Git service.

A look under the hood

Google says the site is meant to give people a look under the hood into its open approach.

“Without open source software, the entire Internet as we know it would not exist,” saod Chris DiBona, Google director of open source.

With 2000 open projects and counting coming out of Google at the time of writing, we also know that the firm will use the site to showcase a number of documents that explain its methodology and internal approach to open source.

Not a how-to guide

According to Google, “We know that our particular approach to open source might not be right for everyone – there’s more than one way to do open source – and so these docs should not be read as a ‘how-to’ guide.”

Aside from those few cases, this is the same documentation seen by Google employees. As a result, there is some Google lingo throughout, as well as references to internal tools and systems.