Google launches "Go 1" programming language

Continuing its finger-in-every-pie strategy of product development, Google has this week debuted its Go 1 open source programming language.

The search giant says that over 200 developers have so far contributed to this community driven project that was first initiated back in November 2009.

Binary distributions of Go 1 are now available for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Windows.

Google’s Scott Knaster has explained that community contributions have come in the form in of code itself — as well as tests and documentation.

After what he says is “months of work” refining the specification, Google has now improved implementation and portability to the point where the company is happy to formally move to release version 1 at this time.

According to Knaster, “We restructured the Go tool suite around the new go command, a program for fetching, building, installing, and maintaining Go code. The go command eliminates the need for Makefiles to write Go code because it uses the Go program source itself to derive the build instructions. No more build scripts!”

A new release of the Google App Engine SDK has also emerged as well as the release of the Go 1 release notes — a document described as an “essential reference” for programmers migrating code from earlier versions of Go.

Google Go.png

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