Google hoists Spinnaker for continuous delivery

Google knows (one would imagine) about the C-word.

C for Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Management.

The online world runs on a continuous always-on basis (obviously), so applications, data delivery channels, analytics engines and all other network-connected elements of total system operation must also adhere to the same continuous mantra.

The continuous mantra

With cloud and continuous continuity in mind then, search giant Google is now giving the Spinnaker 1.0 continuous delivery and cloud deployment tool to the open source community.

Spinnaker is multi-cloud continuous delivery platform.

“With Spinnaker, you simply choose the deployment strategy you want to use for each environment e.g. red/black for staging, rolling red/black for production — and it orchestrates the dozens of steps necessary under-the-hood,” said Google Cloud Platform product manager Christopher Sanson.

Ease of use

Sanson explains that, using Spinnaker, developers don’t have to write their own deployment tool or maintain a complex web of Jenkins scripts to have enterprise-grade rollouts.

Spinnaker targets use cases that need multi-cloud continuous delivery where software changes happen with high velocity.

Originally created at Netflix, the Spinnaker team point out that this product has been ‘battle-tested’ in production by hundreds of teams over millions of deployments.

The software ships with support for Google Compute Engine, Google Container Engine, Google App Engine, AWS EC2, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes and OpenStack.