Google I/O developer conference: shared "insights"... What? Pardon?

Tech giant Google kicks off its annual developer conference today in San Francisco with more than 5,000 participants attending from 60 countries.

Bigger than ever this year, the company’s SVP of engineering Vic Gundotra has hinted that developer focus this year will be channeled towards Android and Chrome. Gosh, really? ☺

According to Google, this year you can expect briefings on:
• new features
• previews of upcoming updates
• new “insights” (huh? – what does that mean)

Google is pretty tight lipped at the best of times and so obviously hasn’t given anything away pre-event this year.

The reason for this blog then is to at least highlight the Google I/O Live link here, which will allow us to view streamed keynote sessions, plus two full days of Android and Chrome technical sessions.

Google I:O homepage.png

“Recorded videos from all sessions across eight product tracks will be available within 24 hours after the conference,” says the company.

If you really want to rub salt into your non-attending sat-at-home wounds, you can even use the above link to view the ‘After Hours’ party.

Make sure (like me) you get yourself a nice cold six pack and a yummy pizza if that’s where you’re going to find yourself – #io2011.

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