GitHub Enterprise 2.7 -- a better way to commit to commits

A new release of GitHub Enterprise is  available with security improvements and more powerful APIs… the play being: a better deal for both software application development professionals and administrators… plus designers, product managers and team leaders as well.

The new release includes ‘GPG signature verification’ a technology that allows teams to know exactly who authored a commit.

The release also includes several API previews to help developers create integrations that enforce customised policies and fit workflows.

A more collaborative developer experience

Updates include the ability to assign multiple people to an issue, reorder task lists and labels to indicate whether an issue or pull request comment has been edited.

“When building software with a large or distributed team, it’s important to validate that commits and tags are coming from an identified source. Now you can definitively know who authored code or pushed a change to production with GPG signature verification,” explains the official GitHub blog.

When you view a signed commit or tag, you can see a badge indicating if the signature can be verified using any of the contributor’s GPG keys uploaded to your GitHub Enterprise appliance. This makes it easy to see if a signature is from a verified key that GitHub trusts.

The release also adds ways for developers (and other users) to streamline the development process i.e. up to 10 people can be assigned to a given issue or pull request. Users can also prioritise task lists without editing markdown and know when comments have been edited.